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Stump Grinding/Removal

Using modern and efficient stump grinding machinery, we can remove stumps with the minimum of ground disturbance. Stump grinding stumps is perfect, in order for new structures and objects to be erected. Stumps can also be a potential trip hazard risk as well aa making your garden look untidy. The stump and any major roots will be ground out by the machine and turned into mulch, that will be left to allow for settlement.

Another treatment for stumps as an alternative to them being removed, is a product called ECOPLUG-MAX, which is a plug that is inserted into the stump in order to stop its regrowth. This product is as close as you can get to an environmentally friendly treatment. The plugs are inserted into predrilled holes within the stump, with calculated spacing for the size and species of the stump. These plugs are then tapped in for a flush finish, therefore no exposure to the chemical they release into the tree.